Speak Out about Election Integrity

Consider making one or more of these points in your letters, calls and online comments:

• Elections belong to the public! Private corporations have no business counting our votes.

• Over 98% of our votes are counted in secret – inside machines. Neither voters nor even election officials can verify the accuracy of these election results.

• Elections are the way We the People 'hire' some of the individuals who work in our government. Their job is to serve the public, not to oppress or even to lead the public. We the People are in charge!

• Over a dozen university and government studies have proven that electronic vote tabulation machines can be programmed to produce election results that are not real vote counts. This is true whether the machines count votes cast on paper or votes cast on the machine itself.

• With electronic voting technology, elections can be rigged by insiders or hacked by outsiders without leaving a trace!

• Eligible citizens are being denied the right to vote!

• For fair and transparent elections, we need paper ballots, counted by hand at the precinct in full public view on election night – no matter how long it takes.

• "It takes a long time to change 10,000 paper ballots by hand. It takes three seconds to change 10,000 votes on a computer." Chuck Herrin, IT Security Consultant, as quoted in the film STEALING AMERICA Vote by Vote (www.StealingAmericaTheMovie.org).

• The media MUST cover the problems with local and national elections!

• If we want elections we can trust, we must all get involved! Go to www.StealingAmericaTheMovie.org/GetActive to learn how you can make a difference!

• Working on election integrity is a way to support all the candidates and the issues you care about at the same time. And perhaps save our democracy, too.

• Become a paid pollworker. Call your county election office for info. Then sign up with Pollworkers For Democracy to get extra pollwatcher training for pollworkers.

• Register and Vote! Make sure you're still on the list of active voters. Unfortunately, eligible voters around the country have been purged from registration lists. It's important for everyone to call the election office or go to www.VotePoke.org to check.

Remember to add something personal: your story about voting problems, your reaction to STEALING AMERICA, or what you plan to do to protect the 2008 elections!