Donate to Groups Working for Election Justice

While candidates spend millions of dollars on their campaigns, the movement working hard to bring integrity to elections in the United States is made up almost exclusively of volunteers, some of whom work full-time and many of whom work dozens of hours each week on this most fundamental underpinning of our democracy: fair, accurate and transparent elections with public oversight.

National groups including Election Defense Alliance, Voters Unite, BlackBoxVoting, and Velvet Revolution, as well as local election integrity groups, operate on minimal budgets. Your donation can make a big difference! Donations to many of these groups are tax-deductible.

We invite you to consider where your hard-earned dollars will be put to the best use. Candidates need your support, and so do these groups working to improve the integrity of our electoral process. We encourage you to browse the websites of the groups linked above and donate generously to one or more of them. Better yet, contact them about how you can help raise funds for their work!

We also encourage you to support the local and regional election integrity groups in your area.